Things to order, watch, or do — nice for scion meetings

Keeping the Memory Green

ASH Jan Stauber visited middle school classrooms in the guise of The Great Detective to talk about stories they’ve read in class. Jan’s project was the first winner of the Beacon Society Award, presented at the New York Birthday Weekend 2004.
Read more HERE about Jan and Keeping the Memory Green.

Outreach Projects from the Hansom Wheels

ASH Myrtle Robinson describes how The Hound of the Baskervilles became a howlingly successful 8th grade teaching project in two South Carolina schools.
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The Hansom Wheels are at it again! This time they developed a 10-week course for the Adventures in Learning classes at the Shepherd’s Center of St. Andrews in Columbia, SC.
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“A Hound It Was…”

For a copy of this great video, send a check for US $15 plus $5 for shipping to
Maribeau Briggs
On-The-Fly Video
46 East 29th Street, 3F
NY, NY 10016.
Checks should be payable to Maribeau Briggs Shrawder.
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“The Great Detective”

In recent years, plays about the Master have abounded. Roger Johnson’s “The Great Detective” is, however, far superior to most of these efforts because it is firmly grounded in Canonical and Doylean reality. Instead of putting words in Holmes and Watson’s mouths that they would have never said or turning Holmes into a 20th century neurotic, Johnson constructs his play primarily from Watson’s and Doyle’s own words — an ingenious interweaving of portions of several cases and excerpts from Doyle’s writings.
While experienced Sherlockians will find no surprises in the script, they will appreciate its clever construction and delight in the magic of Holmes, Watson, and Doyle. For novices, the play is a superb introduction to the joys of the Canon and should motivate them to delve more deeply into the Sacred Writings. This play is ideal for production at the scion society level. Although there are a multitude of parts, only six actors are required — three of each sex.
Order your copy from:
The Pyewacket Press
Mole End, 41 Sandford Road
CM2 6DE United Kingdom
The cost postpaid is $8 or £4. Sterling cheques should be payable to Roger Johnson and U.S. dollar checks to Jean Upton.