The Beacon Society

The Beacon Society began in January 2003 as the brainchild of New York Adventuress Maribeau Briggs with the mission of “supporting educational experiences that introduce young people to the Canon and recognizing exemplary efforts that do so.” ASH members have been involved in the Beacon Society at every level since the beginning. The Beacon Society serves as a link to other scion societies, providing teachers with local resources to bring the magic of Sherlock Holmes to life in the classroom. Members of the Beacon Society come from all over the U.S. and most also belong to one or more other Sherlock Holmes groups.

The Beacon Society currently provides grants of up to $500 to teachers and librarians who want to introduce young people to Sherlock Holmes. Applications and more information is on their website:

Jan Stauber, ASH – received the Beacon Society’s first annual Beacon Award. For 10 years, Jan has visited seventh and eighth grade classrooms to educate the students on Sherlock Holmes. Read Jan’s report on her work HERE.