“The Digital Muse” has arrived!!!

ASH is delighted to announce that CDs of The Serpentine Muse from the beginnings in 1975 through 2015 are now available.

Even if you have print copies of The Serpentine Muse, you’ll want the CD, as it is indexed and text-searchable.

The Serpentine Muse has included, over the years, a wealth of Canonical erudition, humor, and comradeship.  This material deserves to be generally available for Sherlockians’ enjoyment, and this CD will make that possible.

Our thanks go to several ASHes for bringing this CD into existence: Judith Freeman prepared the index and Janice Weiner proofed and edited it; Steve Mason assumed overall ownership of the project, including the digitizing of the issues, and is handling the preparation and distribution of the end product; Marilynne McKay designed the cover inserts; Susan Diamond donated CD cases and, along with Evelyn Herzog and Monica Schmidt, provided project input.

Copies are now available for $15 (including shipping).

To Purchase a copy of  The Digital Muse, either:  

Send a check made out to: “Evelyn Herzog” to her at
301 Warren Ave., Apt. 203, Baltimore, MD  21230-3951


Send funds using PayPal to herzogbaesch@live.com and “Add a note” with your name and mailing address, phone number, and e-address.