Birthday Weekend ASH Wednesday – 15 January 2020

Dear ASH and Friends, 
Looking ahead past the sacred and secular holidays to our Sherlockian festivities, this is to advise you that the Adventuresses will again usher in the Birthday Weekend with an informal gathering on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, and to invite you to join us there. We will gather for this special “ASH Wednesday” at 6:30 pm at our customary locale: 

Annie Moore’s
22 East 41st St.
(between Madison and Fifth Aves.)
New York City
(212) 986-7826

We meet upstairs: the stairway is located at the end of the bar.                        

If you cannot manage stairs, the manager can direct you to the elevator.This will be a happy occasion to meet with (and eat with and drink with) kindred spirits from around the globe.  As usual, there is no set charge – we each pay for what we consume (plus tax and tip, of course).

If you can attend, please advise either me (at or Susan Rice (at  All are welcome: we just need to have a good idea of how many to expect so there can be enough places set to accommodate the throng.

Now, IF you’ve already informed me or Susan that you’re coming, you DON’T have to do so again – for you this message is just a confirmation of the time and place.
The Compliments of the Season!


Evelyn A. Herzog
Principal Unprincipled Adventuress
The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes