ASH Spring Luncheon 2021

The Adventuresses of
Sherlock Holmes

Request the Pleasure of Your Company at the Annual Spring Meeting

We’ll be meeting again virtually, on Zoom, starting at 1pm (Eastern time) on Sunday, June 27th.  Last autumn’s initial Zoom meeting went well, thanks to some excellent speakers and toasters and the online support of Greg Ruby with Steve Mason – and we’re optimistic about doing it again.  Whereas last time was entirely a webinar, Greg is arranging for us to add chat rooms so that there can be real on-screen meetings among those attending. 

As before, you won’t have to sign up for a Zoom account in order to join us.  So please put it on your calendar, and watch for details in your in-box as we get closer to the date. One thing that it’s never too early for: volunteering to be on the program or give a toast!  I‘d love to hear from you. 

My best wishes to you and yours for good health and comradeship across the miles in this cautiously hopeful time,